The chronology of an escalation starts on Wednesday evening with an Interview. For his open-heartedness well-known President of Eintracht Frankfurt, Peter Fischer, told the sports portal Dazn in the run-up to the Europa League quarter-finals against Shakhtar Donetsk full of enthusiasm: “The stadium needs to burn. And when I say that the stadium is burning in the morning, then the morning is burning. So that you go broke because you have too much light, and therefore, the game is perhaps a bit foggy for you.”

The police took this as an opportunity to obtain a search warrant in the district court. And for the Fans, the toilets, and a space in the fan utensils of the “Ultras Frankfurt” camps. Justification: the statement fisherman might feel problem fans to the Burning of pyrotechnics encouraged. Already in the first home games in the Europa League, Frankfurt’s curve, pyrotechnics had ignited. Was found during the search but nothing.

Clear signals from the fan base

And from the perspective of Eintracht Frankfurt and Fans of a simple reason: The Uefa had imposed a suspended sentence, the next Pyro-incident, would have been denied the Eintracht Fans, either an away game in Europe – or even the home curve locked. Club representatives had, therefore, already in the run-up to talks – and of the fan base apparently clear signals that they would dispense with pyrotechnics.

striking is not that both the police and the Hesse interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU), the quote Fischer’s give a place to the letter, again. While Fischer uses the Original to the camera and says apparently the camera people, “because you much light … is the game maybe a little foggy for you”, – stated in the opinions of police and Minister of the interior, in unison, “because you so much light and the game for you a little misty is “.

This is a subjunctive (“might”) and a twist that could have also referred to as camera people, a statement that seems to be more of a reading of the security authorities.


the club’s management of Eintracht Frankfurt looks to the search is critical: the Board of management, Axel Hellmann called it “legally dubious”. It was clear that fishermen had not meant his statement literally. The Association announced a legal investigation into the operations, “to protect our own legal rights”. “It was not on the part of the security organs obviously, the assessment of the situation by Eintracht Frankfurt interested, but wanted to put a sign,” – said in a statement the Association.

Hellmann had on the phone, according to the “Frankfurter Rundschau” on Thursday several times in vain with the Frankfurt police President Gerhard Bereswill, to him from his pursuit. For Ina Kobuschinski, 1. Chairman of the supporters ‘ club Association, the Concord, the actions of the police “a shock”. “So we go around in Frankfurt for the first time with each other, we always talk to each other, with all the parties Involved. All knew that there would be no pyrotechnics,” Kobuschinski sure, “the police”.

The criminal lawyer Andreas huettl and of the Association of Fananwälte holds the entire reasoning of the police are not for the saddle: “If I can I decision to avert danger by the search, also without a court. If however it comes to evidence hedging in the context of a criminal process, then I have to have a specific Accused, or at least a concrete circle of the accused. This is not the TV interview of the club President cannot serve, the is part of the group, the pyrotechnics might ignite.”

police: “the Only problem fans” around the Banner

After the unsuccessful search, the police decided to then to a further controversial measure: a return confiscated a Banner on the stand: “Beuth, the fucker Fucks”. According to police spokesman, Andrew McCormack and this was interpreted as an “insult to the disadvantage of the Hessian Minister of the interior”. The police therefore had no discretion, because if their crimes are known, is tied to the law-Enforcement constraint.

However, the principle of proportionality applies to the police. And here the opinions diverge diametrically: police spokesman McCormack said the MIRROR, it would have been stopped at this time “only problem fans” around the Banner, the police had threatened officers “verbally”. Therefore, the access is directly forced to be “the mildest means”, to “the Fort of the Offence take to prevent” and “secure evidence”.

THE MIRROR could speak with eye-witnesses, the name would not be mentioned. He stood, according to their own information, immediately behind the front rows, when the access occurred. According to his statement, there were already talks with a commander of a platoon of police, as “totally out of the blue” police stormed the party and “all knocked and weggeknüppelt” what stood in the way. Ina Kobuschinski from the supporters ‘ club Association confirmed this Version.

“A photo would have been enough”

For a lawyer, Hüttl would be this Version of a scandal: “it Should be so, that the Fans were already in the process to comply with the surrender request of the police, is missing the use of simply any legal basis.” You must apart also questions whether the police could take in such a Situation, the balance between the constitutional right to freedom of expression and a criminal Offence such as insult, which is strictly followed at the request of the person Concerned, at all, within minutes. “The evidence would have at least enough for a photo,” says Hüttl.

When the police use have been violated, according to fan representatives, at least two persons by the police difficult. On a YouTube Video you can see (from Minute 00:38), as a young man by a police officer for no apparent reason, suddenly a gang to back is pushed.

He should have, according to consistent testimonies of a lumbar vertebrae broken. To is also a double wrist fracture both forearms, if the other Affected come. Nevertheless, the Minister Beuth insisted in a press conference on Friday, it was not “any Banner”, but the “safety of the stadium visitors.”

Fan-representative of: “A personal war”

in A statement, the effect on Martin at the end of man of Europe’s largest and Uefa recognised, fan representatives organisation Football Supporters Europe (FSE), “cynical”. The end of man was on site and assessed the statements Beuths, as well as the entire application is extremely critical.

“Because people are injured by police use of hard, because you are supposed to have a Minister offended and this turns then and speaks of dangers for stadium visitors. The only danger was that evening of a übermotivierten police, which has, apparently, set to no time on de-escalation,” says the end of man.

The “Ultras Frankfurt” accuse Minister of the interior, Beuth in a statement that it is “already in place in weeks,” police operations, “seem to have to target, cause an escalation”. Beuth waging “a personal war”. Among the findings, which are rejected by the security authorities in focus.

In his press conference, Beuth to handle, however, both the club President as well as the “known criminal supporters” and spoke of a “lack of distance” to “unteachable thugs” to which “the craft” should be, “life long stadium bans” and tougher laws.

After de-escalation not sounds the.