The 60-year history of the Cathedral, will be the Currency of Paris, a piece of 2 euros to release a picture of the well-known Amphitheatre. In October, a new album is on the market.

Every year, the Mint of Paris, herdenkingsmuntstukken 2, respectively, in the circulation, as a tribute to historical figures or causes. From the founding of the Cathedral were 310.000 coins were minted, with the smallest print run for the French 2-euro commemorative coin.

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The Amphitheatre is well-known by the winged helmet is shown from the side, as he is surrounded by a safe and a currency exchange. The year is 2019, and the sixtieth anniversary of the adventures of Asterix to be displayed in Roman numerals.

Asterix has appeared for the first time on October 29, 1959, in the first number of the weekly magazine Pilote . For six decades, with 37 adventures, later in the series, a ‘memorial’ of the French identity, its best to do a parody of “our ancestors”.

With the translation into 111 languages and dialects, it is the Asterix is the most translated comic book in the world. In 1959, there were 380 million albums sold. The 38th album, The daughter of the general – will appear on the 24th of October.