19.01.2019, Berlin, GER - Streifenwagen der Polizei im Einsatz. (110, Alltag, auf Streife, aussen, Aussenaufnahme, Automobile, Autos, Autoverkehr, Berlin, Beruf, Blaulicht, Blaulichtfahrt, deutsch, Deutschland, Einsatz, Einsatzfahrzeuge, Einsatzwagen, Europa, europaeisch, fahren, fahrend, Fahrzeuge, Funkstreifenwagen, Funkwagen, Gesellschaft, Helfer, Hilfe, innere Sicherheit, Jahreszeit, Job, KfZ, Kraftfahrzeuge, Leipziger Strasse, Not, Noteinsatz, Notfall, Nothilfe, Notruf, Oeffentlicher Dienst, Polizei, Polizeiautos, Polizeieinsatz, Polizeiwagen, Polizisten, QF, Querformat, Retter, Schutz, Sicherheit, Staat, staatlich, Stadt, Stadtverkehr, Strasse, Strassenszene, Strassenverkehr, Streifenwagen, Verkehr, Westeuropa, Winter, Wirtschaft) 190119D873BERLIN.JPG *** 19 01 2019 Berlin GER police patrol car in action 110 everyday life on patrol

Four injured police officers and two badly damaged emergency vehicles are the result of a planned inspection of a suspect in the Spandau district. He was driving an Audi in Spandau on Wednesday night and had previously been observed by the officers tampering with the side door of a van.

The man was stopped in his car in Hakenfelde by two police patrols at around 10:20 p.m. He did not comply with the request to park his car on the side of the road at the intersection of Neuendorfer Straße and Eiswerderstraße.

Instead, he put the car in reverse and rammed the rear and then the front police car. The police officers could only continue the pursuit with one vehicle.

The suspect initially continued to flee in his car before suddenly leaving it at an intersection on Müllerstrasse and running away through Koeltzepark.

The search of the park was unsuccessful. The getaway vehicle was secured and the tracks secured accordingly.