The economy: There will be a new era for the Chinese internetreus Alibaba. After a twenty year departure of chairman Jack Ma, today, on his 55th birthday. The Ma shall bear the responsibility of the company to the current CEO, Daniel Zhang.

get The eccentric businessman, a former English teacher, has signed up with Alibaba, one of the world’s most spectacular groeiverhalen in the economic history of the world in. When he was in his 33rd first pc, it was Ma pleased to see that there is no beer in china, online for sale. He began his career in 1999 was in a store in his apartment. The Ma could also have a couple of friends to convince to invest in his company. Twenty years later, Alibaba is a giant of 460 billion dollars, that’s the American Amazon, equivalent. The group examines, inter alia, a logistics network, where millions of packages are delivered.

See also the listing in hong Kong, gives Alibaba a way out of US,

The growth of Alibaba made Jack Ma in the world. Its capital is approximately 41.8 billion dollars to 37.8 billion us dollars) was estimated. Ma has been the face of the rise of China as the second economic power in the world, after the united states.

it is Expected that, after his departure, is still an important part and will continue to play on Alibaba. “If there are strategic decisions to be taken, it will be Before that, do not do so without the approval of the Ma,” say the analysts. Zhang is also a man who is making dinner. Jack Ma wants to say, especially to focus on philanthropy and education.