For the Bolsheviks arrested Sergei Kirov in 1919

History 18/02/20 For the Bolsheviks arrested Sergei Kirov in 1919

the similarity between the black hundreds and Trufanova revolutionary Kirov were found during the life of both. Moreover, hieromonk Iliodor and fellow Kostrikova was even the same name. In connection with the circumstances on the night of 6 on 7 October 1919, Sergei Kirov was even arrested. Subsequently, he severely avenged “conspirators”.

Kirov in Astrakhan

In February of 1919 Sergei Kostrikov better known under the name Kirov has served as Chairman of the provisional revolutionary Committee of Astrakhan. However, their duties Kirov to do not too much. At least so says Olga Greig on the pages of his book “Russian Tsar Joseph Stalin, or long live Georgia!”. Greig writes that instead to organize his army in the fighting position, Sergei was engaged in search of enemies and spies among their subordinates. As a result of this attitude of Wrangel’s troops defeated the 11th army, and the Kirov retreated in Baku.

Valery Samburov , the author of “the white guard. The parallel history of the Civil war,” confirms Greig and also writes about the fact that the Kirov during his “reign” in Astrakhan was a very peculiar hobby: he regularly exposed the conspiracies against himself. So, he exposed the Princess Tumanov, who worked as a Secretary in the revolutionary military Council, and count Nirod, who allegedly intended to poison him. Under the hot hand of revolutionary caught and some Rebekah Wasserman, Chairman of the regimental cells of the Bolsheviks, who discovered the similarities between monk-monarchist and Iliodor Sergei Kirov. And they really were similar.

Gossip girl Wasserman and the arrest of Kirov

according to the book Seeds Sinelnikova “Kirov” in 1964, the idea that Kirov is in fact the priest Iliodor, and in the world Sergei Trufanovth, Rebekah Wasserman gave one of the white guard, which showed the woman the magazine “spark” with a portrait of the black hundreds. However, in this case it really could be about the plot. That’s only in the later editions of the white guard disappears. Anyway, none of the modern authors are not denying that Wasserman was distributed throughout Astrakhan rumor that Sergey Kirov and the monk are one and the same person.

on the night of 6 on 7 October 1919 for the Kirov came to those who believed in the stories Wasserman or pretended that he believed. Sergei Mironovich was arrested. The investigation was launched. Pictures of the revolutionary priesthood, who, according to some, was in Tsaritsyn were compared. Cross-reference and handwriting samples. This have used a autograph that Sergei Trufanov left on the cover of the magazine. At least it describes the events semen Sinelnikov. How it happened exactly is unknown, but the Kirov was able to turn things that went not to him, and by “conspirators”.

the Massacre of the conspirators

If you believe Nikolai Vlasik, Alex Fish and Jacob Chadaeva, the author of the book “the service leader”, the Tribunal proved the provocative idea of Rebecca Wasserman. Supposedly Wasserman and her associates were trying to shift Kirov from his post and put on the position of their people. In addition, Sergei Kirov was able to bind to this case and hobotkom Peter Chugunov, who was present at his arrest, and also a John Smith, selects the “pictures” to adventure. The last simply ran out of custody, without waiting for the verdict. With Chugunov, bravely fighting with the whites, were treated humanely: “awarded” a conditional term.

Most of the rest went to Rebekah Wasserman. As he wrote to Mikhail Kolesnikov in the publication “All hurricanes in the face,” Wasserman was shot. She was recognized as an Anglo-white spy. According to Olga Greig, so Sergey Kirov took revenge on Rebekah Wasserman for the unfortunate comparison with monkOhm-the black hundreds. However, according to Greig and Kolesnikov, were executed not only the Chairman of the regimental cells of the Bolsheviks, and also one or two of her accomplices. If it was cast Iron and Ivanov, the authors did not specify.

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