The majority of people in Germany, the expropriation of private housing companies to be unfit to provide affordable housing. In a representative survey conducted by Infratest Dimap on behalf of the world on Sunday, 70 percent of respondents said the. 23 percent hold an expropriation for a “good” or “very good” means.

in Contrast, the construction of new social housing by a vast majority is seen as positive (89 percent). More housing money to keep according to the report, only 29 percent for a “very good” means of securing affordable housing, at least 46 percent higher rent subsidies as “good”.

84 percent of the respondents did not require the state to ensure “that the Rent increase temporarily faster than Inflation.” “Price limit increases in the case of a change of tenant by the rent brake more to control” 80 percent for “very good” or “good”.

especially in urban areas, the resentment of the population about rising Rents is growing. Many fear to your apartment soon no longer afford. In Berlin has recently started a nationwide petition for the expropriation of large housing corporations.