This is a figure that is the dream of any leader of League 1. This season, the PSG – currently leader of League 1 with 20 points ahead – is expected to sell over one million shirts around the world. A real commercial success, which again demonstrates the attractiveness of the capital club. During the 2011-2012 season, just before the arrival of the Qatari, the Parisians do not lag as 250 000 shirts ! This success in the shops in the club and on the Net allows the PSG to get into a very closed circle : the “more million shirts club’, where only Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Air Jordan, if successful collection

The arrival at the club of two of the best players in the world, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, has largely contributed to the explosion of sales. But it is not the only factor. For the past five months, which has “boosted” the purchases this is the collection launched by the PSG with the name Air Jordan. For the first time, the Jordan Brand is indeed associated with a football club. And it works : a handful of days after the announcement, the new products were out of stock. 40 000 shirts were sold the weekend following this announcement and 150,000 tunics were passed in the space of a month. In total, this represents a sales increase of 25% compared to the last season !

It’s been several years that the club, in parallel to his sporting development, has understood the importance of this type of collaborations to explore further, beyond our borders, and only football fans. Objective : the PSG is not only identified as a club but as a brand in its own right. To achieve this, the leaders of the parisians, in particular, the attached services of William Salmon, ex-head of communications at Colette. In November 2017, Colette and PSG had teamed up to design jerseys ” collector “. Gradually, the club and amused to interfere in areas well away from the round ball. Thus, a collection is offered with the Rolling Stones in 2017. In February 2018, the parisian label Koché reappropriating the jerseys parisians and provides them with visibility in the fashion shows.

“For the PSG, everything is possible, as on the ground,”

Eight months later, it is the turn of designer indian designer Manish Arora unveiled during the paris Fashion Week a collection inspired by symbols and figures of the club. “We are fortunate to be the only professional football club to one of the cities most famous in the world,” says Guillaume Salmon, that Point had met a few months ago. Paris evokes so many aspects of the country : the capital of fashion, the place where a certain art of living, the crossroads of cultures… We can juggle with many references. “And Guillaume Salmon, assures us :” in this field for PSG, everything is possible, as on the ground.”

Innovate and surprise, the club is also managed through this collection with the brand Air Jordan. In the aftermath, many stars have worn the shirts, t-shirts and jackets related to this new partnership : the actor Will Smith, rappers, Justin Timberlake, Travis Scott, J. Cole, and basketball players Ben Simmons and Draymond Green have been promoted in wearing these clothes. Since the launch of the collection ” Jordan x PSG “, sales in the United States of products derived from the club have increased by over 470 % !

And this is not finished ! Mid-February, the collection has been available in white. Players the parisians have sported in going to Manchester for the first leg of the knockout stages of the champions League (0-2). Two days later the club announced that “more than 5,000 parts, or substantially all of the available stocks’, had already been passed. The PSG should therefore increase significantly its impact in the field of merchandising. Last year, they amounted already to more than 55 million euros, more than double the smallest overall budget of League 1, the Nîmes Olympique (20 million euros).

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