In hong Kong, there are now clashes between police and protesters. The activists gathered in railway stations and shopping malls, and in some places, they threw stones and created fire. Fleming, Didier Verhaegen (46) that currently resides in the city, describes the atmosphere as “unreal”. “Next week we will go back to Belgium and I was wondering how to get to the airport, we all know it,” he said.

Verhaegen know in hong Kong is good. His father lived in the village for 28 years – until the late ‘ 90’s, and it was a piece of his childhood. He was with his mother and once again living in Belgium, but every year he returns. This year, too. Last weekend, he arrived together with his girlfriend, Sarah, for a stay of up to two weeks. But what he saw was something he had never seen before.

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“It is a false life, bears witness to the tensions in hong Kong are in their embrace. “It’s something that I’ve never seen before. It was in the past quite a protest for a greater democracy, such as the paraplurevolutie in 2014. But, who’s pulled in all the peace and quiet, and space – with a yellow umbrella for government. This is a very different thing.”

even Though the man is from the onze-Lieve-vrouw-Waver (belgium) said that he did not feel unsafe to feel, to come to the protest location. As it is today. “In a lot of places in the town, gathered the protesters, among others, in the train stations, and here and there were stones being thrown,” he said. “I was able to see how the concert to make sure aanstaken and obstacles opwierpen to the police. Notable: the buildings, such as banks and shops are often left alone. The protest is mainly on the streets and in public places, such as at the airport and train stations.” (read on below)