The environment Five years after the ground-breaking a promise-of hundreds of countries and companies in the forest clearing with a half of work to do, turns out to be exactly the opposite has happened. The complex is nearly one half more quickly, and the recovery of the forest wrong.

In 2014, hundreds of companies and public authorities on the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF). Therein, they declared explicitly, that is, the rate of deforestation by 2020 has been halved, and by 2030, even be stopped completely.

five years after the promises, the figures are a completely different story. The annual deforestation globally has increased by 43 per cent to more than 26 million hectares (ha). Every year it disappears, so an area the size of Great Britain.
Primary forest

the Tropical rainforest, which is currently burning in the Amazon and the congo basin are the most severely affected, and 90 per cent of the total deforestation between 2001 and the end of 2015. The most worrisome is the loss of primary forest, which is irreplaceable and beyond repair. It is not only important to dedicated storage tanks for CO2, but it is also the most bio-diverse on the planet.