The federal police arrested three women and two men at the Federal Chancellery, who are said to have smeared paint on the government building. On Friday evening, the emergency services on the south side noticed a group of four who are said to have written slogans on the facade with a brush, the police said on Saturday.

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Accordingly, the group is said to have smeared “Nö zu Öl”, “Olaf?” and “Where’s Olaf?” on the wall. They should have spread the remaining wall paint on the wall.

Another suspect is said to have sprayed the question “Where is Olaf?” with a can of paint a little later on the north side.

According to the police, the five suspects aged between 21 and 26 were arrested. All evidence was confiscated.

The state protection of the criminal police responsible for politically motivated crimes is investigating because of property damage. (dpa)