Dragonerareal, Mehringdamm, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Deutschland Dragonerareal Kreuzberg Berlin Deutschland Dragonerareal Mehringdamm Kreuzberg Berlin Germany Dragonerareal Kreuzberg Berlin Germany

New tenants are expected at the Dragonerareal in Berlin-Kreuzberg in five years. Construction is scheduled to start in the first half of 2025.

Around two years later, the first tenants could move into the new quarter that is to be built there, as the managing director of the state-owned housing association Berlin Mitte (WBM), Christina Geib, explained on Monday. A total of 470 new apartments are planned.

In the first construction phase, 240 apartments are to be built in five large residential buildings in the southern part of the site behind the tax office on Mehringdamm. She expects the first tenants to be able to move in in 2027, she said when presenting the urban planning concept on the site.

A day care center, a youth leisure center, meeting rooms for the neighborhood and a so-called commercial block with space for companies are also to be built there. This also applies to the companies that can currently be found on the Dragonera site.

In 2015 there were 14 establishments including the Gretchen Club. Four of them have already found alternative locations and will probably not return to the Dragonerareal, as the spokeswoman for the tradesmen, Pamela Schobess, said.

Most of the existing buildings, some of which are listed, will be integrated into the new quarter. For example, a high-rise building is also planned, but with 16 floors it should be comparatively manageable.

By early 2020, three planning teams had worked out their designs for the new district. The winning design has now been adjusted in numerous details.