The CSU is not allowed to take part in the CSD parade in Munich this year either. According to the organizers, the reason for this is, among other things, the Bavarian gender ban.

The CSU will not be allowed to take part in the Pride Parade on the occasion of “Christopher Street Day” (CSD) in Munich this year, reports Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR). The organizers of the event apparently rejected the CSU’s registration for its own car. The main reason given was the Bavarian gender ban, which has been in effect in all state authorities in the Free State since April 1st.

The organizers of the CSD parade have made it clear that only those who support the equal rights and social recognition of all queer people are allowed to take part. However, according to the organizers, the CSU would not meet this requirement, reports Bayerischer Rundfunk.

This is shown, for example, by the party’s rejection of the Self-Determination Act and the gender ban introduced by the CSU in Bavaria. In addition, a CSU city councilor wants to ban gender in the Munich city administration, criticize the organizers.

The decision met with criticism within the Bavarian party. According to BR reports, Hans Theiss, deputy parliamentary group leader of the CSU and Free Voters in Munich City Hall, emphasizes that “tolerance is not a one-way street” and that the CSD organizers do not adequately reflect the diversity of the LGBTIQ community.

Group leader Manuel Pretzl sees it similarly: “Anyone who celebrates diversity and excludes other democratic groups makes themselves untrustworthy.” He had the feeling that some Munich CSD representatives did not want to conduct a respectful dialogue. “So the cancellation comes as no surprise,” the BR quoted the CSU politician as saying.

Criticism of the CSD’s exclusion of the CSU also comes from the Munich government party. Anne Hübner, parliamentary group leader of the SPD in Munich City Hall, criticized the organizers’ decision on X (formerly Twitter). Although the decision ultimately rests with the organizers, she still considers it a mistake that the CSU once again does not have a float in the parade: “The task now would be to look for social common ground and not to put up a firewall between woke and non-woke .”

In response to the numerous replies to her tweet, the SPD politician later added: “I personally think it would be right to strengthen the forces in the CDU/CSU who, among other things, are (partly) responsible for the fact that same-sex marriage exists today. Social progress that should last rests better on more shoulders than on fewer.”

However, the fact that the CSU is not allowed to take part in the parade is not new. The party has been refused participation in previous years due to similar differences. Among other things, the debate about a children’s reading with a drag king, a drag queen and a young trans author in a Munich district library had caused tensions between the CSD organizers and the CSU.

The CSU described the event, among other things, as “completely crazy for children” and “trivializing”. Hubert Aiwanger, Bavarian Economics Minister and chairman of the Free Voters, also spoke out in favor of banning the event. “This is a child endangerment and a case for the youth welfare office, not cosmopolitanism, as the Greens trivialize it,” wrote the 52-year-old on Twitter at the time.

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