19.07.2022, Brandenburg, Premnitz: Eine schwarze Rauchwolke steigt über einem Chemiebetrieb auf. In einer Lagerhalle eines Chemiefaserproduzenten im Landkreis Havelland ist am Dienstagabend ein weit sichtbares Feuer ausgebrochen. Es gebe eine starke Rauchentwicklung, sagte ein Feuerwehrsprecher am Abend, gelagert seien in der Halle wohl Kunststoffe und Holz. Die Halle gehört demnach zu einem Polyesterfaser-Produzenten. Foto: Cevin Dettlaff/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A fire in a warehouse of a chemical fiber producer in Premnitz in Havelland kept the fire brigade busy for more than six hours. Plastic waste caught fire in the hall on Tuesday evening, said a spokesman for the Northwest regional control center on Wednesday.

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The fire brigade extinguished the fire early Wednesday morning. According to the first investigations, there is a lot of heat build-up as the cause of the fire, said the spokesman for the West Police Department Oliver Bergholz.

The residents of surrounding towns were asked to keep windows and doors closed because of the heavy smoke. However, measurements have shown that there was no danger from toxins, as the fire department spokesman said.

In addition to the city of Premnitz, the warning area included the municipalities of Milower Land, Nennhausen and the cities of Havelsee and Rathenow. (dpa)