According to the price losses of the past few weeks, the Dax-listed company Wirecard is suing the British newspaper the Financial Times. The payment service provider wants to achieve a non-reporting as well as compensation to the shareholders, the company said in Munich. The action is brought therefore against the newspaper and against the Reporter who wrote the article mainly.

Wirecard responded with the lawsuit on a number of reports in the Financial Times dealing with the allegations of criminal activity against Wirecard Manager in Singapore. As a result, the price of Wirecard was dropped-the share of multiple. The Munich public Prosecutor’s office and the financial Supervisory authority, Bafin will examine in this context whether there were illegal price manipulation by speculators.

The Singaporean law firm Rajah & Tann had investigated in the newspaper’s allegations on behalf of the company. The report of the firm, although there were violations of Wirecard employees against posting rules, but not ticket sales, or bribery. How Wirecard announced, there were, according to the investigation report and therefore no evidence of law violations in the German group headquarters.

may have violated Some of the Wirecard employees in the Southeast Asian city-state could, according to Rajah & Tann but against the Singaporean criminal law. The company is now considering the possible consequences for the Concerned: “We consider this carefully,” said a spokeswoman. The district court of Munich, there was initially no confirmation for the receipt of the complaint. The Financial Times took initially position.