The number of complaints about deficiencies in the delivery of mail has doubled in the past year, more than. A total of about 12,500 complaints to the Federal network Agency had been received, said Jochen Homann, President of the network Agency. In terms of population, most of the complaints from Hamburg and Berlin were. On the rare consumer from Mecklenburg would have objected-Western Pomerania and Thuringia the Service.

most of The complaints are directed, therefore, against the “recurring, significant regional, or temporary irregularities in Delivery”. The Federal network Agency, most of the people who complain point to maladministration in the delivery of letters, for example, delays or days, sometimes week long outages. Compared with the amount of mailed letters the number of complaints is low, however, said Homann. According to information from the Mail every single working day, some 57 million letters in Germany. In the case of parcel deliveries the majority of consumers, in turn, that the deliverer notification cards in the mail boxes to interject would, without ringing at all. Increasingly, post defendant’s customers and clients, it is also the loss of shipments.

in Particular, the group of the German Post does not seem to be able to be the promised services to continuously ensure said Homann. The company wants to set 5,000 new deliverer. This step is expected to be “significant improvements”. To ensure a better supply, have allowed the Federal network Agency in the Post recently, to increase the prices in the delivery of more than ten percent.

Twelve times as many complaints about telemarketing calls as in the previous year

increasing satisfaction of the customers in the current year, yet not realize: Until the end of April roughly 4,750 complaints about postal service providers had been received at the network Agency, said. Homann pointed out that not clearly determine whether or not the citizens actually had more cause for complaint. Conceivable is also, that only more people knew of the possibility of appeal.

The Federal network Agency not only accepts complaints via Mail carrier, you may also report unwanted telemarketing calls. The number of these complaints have reached in the past year, a new high: The number of 5,000 complaints in the year 2017 had verzwölffacht more than – to 62,000. The network Agency had imposed in this connection, fines totaling 1.1 million euros. “We have placed our main focus on the pursuit of intensive offenders who stood out either by a particularly harassing behavior, or has a particularly high number of aggrieved consumers,” said Homann.