As a remedy for the acute staff shortages at German airports, the federal government wants to make it possible for foreign workers to be deployed on short notice. “We make it possible for companies to use helpers from abroad, especially from Turkey,” said Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) on Wednesday in Berlin after coordinated government proposals.

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The Federal Government Commissioner for Tourism, Claudia Müller, has meanwhile accused the aviation industry of making mistakes in personnel planning. “We all had to do without traveling for a long time due to the pandemic. So many people finally want to get out and enjoy their holidays. (…) It wasn’t difficult to foresee that such a time would come,” said the Green politician of the “Bild” on Wednesday.

It is “all the more frustrating” when “after the extremely difficult Corona years” the “high number of passengers is currently encountering staff shortages in air traffic”. “Apparently there was considerable misplanning throughout the aviation industry,” said Müller.

The federal government “reacted quickly together” to defuse the situation, said Müller. “Above all, the security check and check-in at airports should work faster and more smoothly again. It is therefore planned to hire ground service providers and specialists from abroad in the short term, without neglecting safety, social and labor standards.”