the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD), expects for the coming years with a larger financial gap. Due to the poorer economic Outlook and rising household expenditures were missing in the Federal government by 2023, a total of almost 25 billion euros, a statement from Scholz, the news Agency Reuters. First of all, the Bild newspaper has reported on the calculations.

according to The Reports, the Finance Ministry expected this year alone, a gap of five billion euros. In addition, the Defence Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) need more money than planned.

The Ministry of Finance indicates in the paper on other risks, such as the compromise on the Coal phase-out. In the calculation are already provided 500 million euros a year. A further 1.5 billion euros per year are needed to cover the costs incurred in Germany for the infringement of the climate conditions in the transport, buildings and agriculture.

The reserves for the aid to refugees of about 35 billion euros are charged in the statement already. Scholz calls, therefore, according to the Reports, a savings rate. Personnel expenditure by the Federal government should not continue to rise. “The investments are written at the level of 2019”, – stated in the paper of the Ministry of Finance. And: “No further tax funding of the digital Fund (broadband, digital Pact school).” New spending could only be made possible if in the house of the ministries hold will be saved.

FDP throws great coalition “misguided fiscal policy”

The Federal government had achieved in 2018, thanks to higher tax revenues and lower spending than planned, a Surplus of 11.2 billion euros. However, Scholz was reminded at the presentation of the tax estimate to 2022, the end of October, you should prepare for a “normalization of the revenue development.” Since then, the Federal government has lowered its forecasts for economic growth again significantly, which should also be reflected in the tax revenue.

The FDP, accused the Federal government of a “totally misguided fiscal policy at the expense of the citizens”. “You have to create for the first time,” tweeted Parliament managing Director Marco Buschmann. The need of money was the result of a “policy that raises the money out of the window”.

The AfD group’s boss, Alice rye said, “the mismanagement of the past few years,” avenge now. “The government is irresponsible with the money of the citizens,” said Weidel. As an example, she cited, among other things, increasing “asylum cost”.