Worldwide need to let the airlines a total of 371 Boeing aircraft type 737 Max, other weeks on the ground. As the US aviation authority announced FAA, it is “extra work” is necessary, and the US aircraft manufacturer will need time to revise after the crash is the subject of criticism control software used. The FAA is expecting the final package of revised Software “in the coming weeks”. The Software will pass a “rigorous safety checks”. The FAA will not give the Update prior to the completion of this Review to install free.

Boeing’s much-awaited software update has already presented last Wednesday. The group presented the revised program, and other additional security measures for the aircraft type, the 737 Max in front of more than 200 pilots, engineers and regulators in its factory in Renton, in the U.S. state of Washington. The software update must be FAA approved before it can be installed.

Update has already been submitted, but not yet

The System performed according to the accident investigators have a crucial role in the crash of a 737 Max 8 at the end of October in Indonesia. The on Board computer should have pushed the nose of the jet is automatically always back down, while the pilots tried in vain to counteract. Even during the recent crash of an identical machine in Ethiopia, the Software is considered to be a possible cause. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg had made two weeks ago, a speedy Update of the controversial Software.

In both disasters a total of 346 people were killed. After the crash in Ethiopia, the EU and many States had imposed a flight ban for machines of the type Boeing 737 Max. The FAA has been criticized, because they nachzog later.

The U.S. Federal aviation authority is also suspected to have the certification a blind eye to important parts of the safety inspections were left to the group itself. The case is already being investigated by the US Department of transportation. The acting FAA chief Daniel Elwell was rejected on Wednesday of last week at a hearing in the Senate, however, any criticism.