History 19/01/20 “Feat” of Pavlik Morozov: what were the questions

The heroes in the Soviet era, and criticized with the advent of the democratic era of the pioneer Pavlik Morozov was the unenviable grandparents, genuinely did not like him or the daughter-in-law, grandchildren or others.

the Writer Yuri Druzhnikov’s book, “Informer 001, or the Ascension of Pavlik Morozov” has conducted genealogical investigation, which found that the great-grandfather of the brave pioneer of the USSR, Sergei Morozov, was a knight of the six awards received for participation in several wars. Moving away from military service in the name of the Emperor, he after some time he occupied the position of a prison guard. Growing up, father went, and Sergey Morozov-youngest – grandfather Paul, who was engaged in the protection and support of prisoners.
when he was a policeman, he once had a chance to escort to the place of imprisonment dashing criminal, konokrada Xenia, reputed to be a rare beauty. Having fallen in love without memory in a desperate and fearless young lady, Sergei Morozov proposed to her right after has expired term of its 1.5-year imprisonment. Agreed about the wedding date, they are not sitting idly by – Sergey was engaged in organizational matters, and Ksenia again plunged into professional activity, but in the course of a failed theft was caught and sentenced again, this time for three years. However, the intercession of Sergei in the form of bribes to the right people helped her to stay on the outside and become the lawful wife of the policeman who held the position until the revolution.
In his native village, Gerasimovka, located in what was then the province of Tobolsk, the couple Morozov because of its grim reputation, cruelty, brutality and heavy nature, was infamous.

Pavlik’s Mother Tatyana Baidakov (Morozova), a former native of a nearby village was considered the village “alien”, and from the beginning of the marriage angered the relatives of her husband. The reason for the enemydy was the unwillingness of the daughter to live in a joint household with parents-in-law, and the insistence on the separate use of the property. Going on about the moloduhi, destroyed centuries-old way of life of several generations under one roof, the grandfather of Paul agreed to the partition, but I hated it with all my soul.
Independent nature of the new cousin was not liking the elder Morozov, who at every opportunity told her to take her place. At times the grandfather of Pavlik Morozov, and the absorption of “lessons”, did not hesitate to raise the daughter-in-law’s hand, which often gets and his four young grandsons, which is not loving, he was referred to as “puppies”.
Proof of this are the words of Pavel’s brother Alexei, who admitted that the relatives on my father’s side did not favor the family, and grandparents, never treating them, did not consider children Tatiana their descendants. Not letting the beloved grandson Danil in school, they kept telling him: “Without certificates will cost, the owner will, and the puppies Tatiana you have laborers”.
By the way, according to the memoirs of the Crimean journalist, Michael Lisinskoga, who in a 1979 interview Tatyana Morozova, a woman she was very unfriendly and rude, reluctantly sharing details of his family drama. Unflattering comments about her and Alushta neighbors, who described it as a tricky, controversial and quarrelsome old woman, enjoyed the laurels of heroic deed of the eldest son.

Perhaps because of the quarrelsome and of the capriciousness of Tatiana did not work her family life with Trofim Morozov, who did not differ appeasable character and high moral qualities.
Pavlik’s Father, during the Civil war served as a Junior commander of the red Army after demobilization, was elected Chairman of the Gerasimovsky village Council.
taking Advantage of the respect and trust of the villagers, he quickly drew power to his advantage. Solving any issues in exchange for bribes, a trophy earned money by giving bogus certificates, PRwelcome Isaeva dispossessed citizens, sheltering from tax farms of the kulaks, who offered him a bribe. In addition to valuable rewards, he sold the exiles in these parts dispossessed persons identity in which they were listed by residents Gerasimovsky settlement that gave them the right freely to leave in every corner of the vast country.
In an interview Tatyana Morozova gave LENINSKOMU, there are lines about her husband being drunk loved to shout in the village: “I have the power of the Soviet. I’m the God, the law and military commander!”.
Felt its significance in the workplace and becoming the owner of easy money, a trophy was fond of alcohol and began to solve family conflicts with the help of manhandling his wife and four sons. And after a while altogether, leaving the household, went to live with his mistress Antonina Amosova.
this domestic drama and desire to protect mother and brothers, according to the writer Vladimir Bushina, was the reason why Pavel Morozov denounced his father. Hoping that the authorities intimidated a negligent parent, and he returned home, he subsequently, at the trial, held in 1931, confirmed the charges against the father mother, not expecting that the father will be sentenced to 10 years and will be one of the builders of the white sea-Baltic canal.

the Writer Vladimir Chekmarev believes that 13-year-old Paul, most likely, became a hostage and victim of family conflict, which the Soviet government for the sake of time turned into a political campaign against the kulaks.
Yuri Druzhnikov, inclines to the version that Pavlik, and together with him and his younger brother, Theodore, was killed by the OGPU officers to accused of crime of his grandfather and immediate family to start an all-out attack on the owners-the kulaks.

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