(Washington) The United States will send 1,500 additional soldiers to its border with Mexico, the Pentagon spokesman announced on Tuesday, as the expiration of a controversial health measure allowing the immediate deportation of migrants crossing US land borders.

“At the request of the Department of Homeland Security,” the U.S. Secretary of Defense “approved a temporary increase of 1,500 additional military personnel to supplement police efforts on the Southwest Border,” Pat Ryder said. .

For 90 days, they will support the police, particularly in terms of surveillance. “Military personnel will not be directly involved in policing activities,” added Pat Ryder.

A measure related to the COVID-19 pandemic and put in place in 2020 under the Trump administration, which allows the immediate return of migrants without a visa, even potential asylum seekers, expires on May 11.

The United States fears a spike in arrivals at its border with the lifting of this measure, known as “Title 42”.

They announced new measures last week aimed at facilitating the journey of asylum seekers or refugees, by creating “management centers” in Colombia and Guatemala.