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The car manufacturers BMW, Daimler and VW have according to the findings of the EU-Commission made illegal agreements to technologies of exhaust gas cleaning. The companies have agreed, “the competition in the development of technologies to clean emissions from Diesel and petrol Cars, limiting”, informed the EU Commission on the Basis of the preliminary results of the investigation. The company can respond to the charges. A penalty in the billions is imminent.

The car manufacturer to have violated according to the Commission, from 2006 to 2014 against the EU antitrust rules. The EU authority accuses you of, the introduction of SCR catalysts for diesel engines, and of fine dust-particulate filters for petrol engines (OPF) in an unauthorized manner agreed. These agreements had been taken at a Meeting of the automobile manufacturers in the so-called 5-circles. Consumers had therefore been denied the opportunity to buy more environmentally friendly vehicles, even though the manufacturer had the technology, told the Commission.

The VW group is said to want the allegations to check. According to the group, the Commission recognizes “the principle that collaborations between manufacturers on technical issues in the automotive industry is common around the world”. Last year, the authority had determined that there was not sufficient evidence of the calls as anti-competitive behaviour to be classified.

Daimler does not expect the fine

Daimler is expected, despite the allegations, no Fines. Daimler have at an early stage and extensively cooperates with the European Commission as a key witness and is expected in this case, therefore, no penalty, the company said. You have knowledge of the adoption of the statement of objections and wait for the formal notification, it said.

The EU Commission had begun to 2017 preliminary investigations, the car manufacturers and also the manufacturers make representations. The formal investigation it had initiated in 2018. Possible violations of environmental regulations were not part of the process, it said.

Both Daimler as well as Volkswagen had to be made after learning of the allegations last year, the request for leniency. The key witness in antitrust proceedings can leave on the biggest criminal or even the criminal of freedom of hope.