Who loves cars, loves Motorsport, and anyone who loves Motorsport, the past comes to Alfa Romeo. The Milan-based company with a long tradition is celebrating its 108. Birthday with two exclusive NRING models. Alfa Romeo moves for almost 100 years of racing success in almost all the major competitions, also in Germany, where the Italian cars until the mid-90s at the German touring championship (DTM) were active.

this car Never forget mobile lovers, the legendary beginnings of racing in Europe, where Alfa Romeo was one of the key. Already in the prewar time, the mail won Milan in the most important races – including a driver, who was later to be known, namely Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the eponymous car brand. Ferrari was in the first ten years of his own racing team, Scuderia Ferrari race cars of Alfa Romeo.

After the 1951 Alfa Romeo was able to win the formula 1 championship, finished the brand of their commitment and has turned increasingly to the tour sports car to Shine through to countless victories.

The fastest four-leaf Clover in the world

Wherever you look in the world of Motorsport also, the list of successes of Alfa Romeo’s impressive: winning The first ever brand world championship in 1925, the victory in almost every Mille Miglia from 1928 to 1938, and successes in the Targa Florio, the 24 hours of Le Mans, the formula 1 and the DTM – the one with the four-leaf Clover, decorated with red racing car from Milan, leaving behind almost always a dominant impression. The NRING-models wear the lucky charm with four leaves, in name as on the car body and dashboard.

The famous Cloverleaf in Italian Quadrifoglio — on a white background emblazoned already since 1923, in almost every in racing active Alfa Romeo, and to be adorned with Pride with the sporty top models of the brand. And the nowadays fully see. After a few more by the pursuit of comfort-plagued years, the sporting Alfa-Romeo-Fans will remain in front of all the Waiting for the next really exciting car in the memory of the Italians in 2016 with the new edition of the Giulia is a car that drove up immediately in the hearts of many car lovers.

Design, technology, sportsmanship

With prizes and the praise of the international car showered the mobile press, the enthusiasts, the new sporty sedan not only by its Design but also by the — and here the Italian paths cross again — in close cooperation with Ferrari-developed V6 engine. Finally, you will again have an Alfa, the bot only an optical pleasure, but also to connect the possibility, practicality with outstanding sportiness. 

in the Same way as in the first Giulia in the 60s and 70s, and in the case of the later so successful Alfa Romeo models in touring car racing, you could, as a true Alfa Fan and now again the Best of three worlds in a single car combine: state of the art Italian Design, family-friendly practicality and as a small outbreak in the freedom — even the possibility of a true Italian sports chariot of fire to work fire. Alfa was back on, and the market for sporty Cars, even in Germany an extremely attractive model richer.

Legendary successes at the Nürburgring,

Speaking of Germany: The connection of the racing-mad Italians with the Land beyond the Alps is traditionally tight. This is not only because of the successful German racing drivers Christian Danner and Gerhard Berger, an Alfa Romeo pilot, but also the unforgettable Successes in the DTM, and the victory in 1975 at the 1000-Kilometer race at the Nürburgring. 

Since it is obvious that the mail have to change your two new special models for automotive friends treacherous shortcut: NRING. It is remarkable also, that Alfa Romeo presented a particularly sporty sedan, but with the Stelvio, named after the legendary Pass in the Alps, for the first time, a Sport-SUV.

The Nordschleife as a measure of things

It is no coincidence that the Nürburgring lends the two special models to its name: the automobile sport is a Religion, then the extremely long and dangerous track in the Eifel mountains would probably be something like the Vatican – the spiritual home and cultural center of racing fans from all over the world. No track on the globe is longer, has more curves, or to overcome more height differences. 

Here is a track record, is the “summa cum laude” for car models. To make a car for this most Difficult of all tracks quickly, so technically the vote is for all manufacturers is an extreme challenge. Only those who understood the importance of the Nordschleife as automobiles measure of all things, can understand the importance of the two lap records, both Giulia (7:32”) and Stelvio (7:51”) in each of your class.

grey as Asphalt and extremely powerful

The two extremely powerful special models in Matt grey colour (Grigio Circuito) to the Rennasphalt the Nordschleife, are strictly limited and bear, of course, both of them full of Pride, the green, four-leaf Clover, which makes the hearts of all “Alfisti” for generations, reliably beat. Alfa Romeo has limited both NRING-models in the world on each of the 108 specimens, and these are likely to very quickly end up in the hands of passionate collectors and ambitious driver.

108, because the brand is so suitable way your 108. Celebrates birthday. Both the saloon and Sport-SUV to accommodate the exciting and 2.9-litre six-cylinder engine, the strengths of the driver or the rider a whopping 510 horsepower (375 kW) and delighted in the Giulia Quadrifoglio (Giulia Quadrifoglio 9.2 l/100 km/214 g/km – Stelvio Quadrifoglio 9.8 l/100 km/227 g/km)**.

To the car Alfa Romeo have also supplies glove

of Course, the NRING models all imaginable amenities in a sporty – and fast – To make sense of and pleasure: extremely strong ceramic brakes, Sparco bucket seats and the car number on a Carbon plate inside the car. 

To their proud owners will receive a model of their cars in 1:18 scale, as well as a lovingly designed welcome package including Sparco-Rennhandschuhen and sports drivers course on Nürburgring. Plus, an absolute exception, and the exclusivity of both models due to a certificate of authenticity from the FCA’s Heritage, the part of the company, to take care of typically the restoration of historic vehicles. 

It’s nice that a real car is allowed to be lovers and friends particularly sporty driving around the world at Alfa Romeo at home. Even more beautiful is that you can now be in one of the two exciting special models a real Alfisti.

** fuel consumption combined (l/100 km) ACC. to Directive 80/1268/EEC CO2 emissions combined (g/km). Further information on official fuel consumption and official specific emissions of CO2 can be taken from car emissions of new passenger cars in the “guidelines on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power consumption of new Passenger cars”, the set of all points of sale and here is available for free.