The Japan-imprisoned former auto executives, Carlos Ghosn had been released against the payment of a Deposit. Several media reports, the former head of the manufacturer Renault, and Nissan left the prison in Tokyo. The competent court is informed that the fixed Deposit amount had been paid the equivalent of about 7.9 million Euro.

The court had been held the day before the request of the defendant on bail. As a condition for his release Ghosn had accepted that at his house entrance with a surveillance camera will be installed on. Also he is not allowed to use his phone and a Computer in the office of his lawyer during the day during the week to use.

The 64-Year-old, who saved the automaker Nissan from bankruptcy and together with Renault and Mitsubishi, a powerful international group Alliance had built, had been arrested in November for violation of stock exchange requirements and later charged. He is accused of, among other things, to have private investment losses on the Nissan transfer. In court, the Manager protested his innocence.

Nissan Ghosn had dismissed shortly after the arrest, at Renault he later resigned. Also, the French group launched investigations into possible irregularities, and wants to complete it until spring.