The environmentalists criticized electro-fishing to 1 in the EU. July 2021 will be banned. The negotiators of the European Parliament and the EU member States agreed, as the EU informed the Commission. The individual EU member States may prohibit the controversial method of fishing in their territorial waters earlier. In brief, the agreement will be presented to the plenary of the European Parliament for a vote. Without the approval of the members, the amendment cannot enter into force.

to drive The electro-fishing scarecrows, electrodes attached to the trawls on the sea bottom-living flatfish such as plaice and sole, and crabs in the nets. In principle, this method is prohibited in the EU, but the EU has approved in the year 2007, some exceptions, especially for research purposes. Since then, the electro-fishing is allowed in the southern part of the North sea, however, only five percent of the fishing fleet of the EU state.

According to the EU Commission currently use around 80 Dutch fishing vessels with the electrode-equipped networks. Overall, this was a 0.1 of a percentage of the 85,000 vessels of a fleet in the EU.