” This place, it would have had to be written by my political family. “The phrase is from Jean-François Copé, the former boss of the UMP party and mayor of The Republicans of Meaux. Add to that the opinion of former Prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin to which the text of the head of State on Europe is the “european project” the most successful […], with an ambitious vision, of european renaissance [and] a willingness to progress and social liberal ” ; and no jureraient that the tribune Emmanuel Macron has everything to appeal to voters on the right. These bowing, signed by figures from the right who have always looked with a good eye for the action of the young president, not surprising little. No, it is a symmetry troubling with any other forum : that of Nicolas Sarkozy published in the columns of the-Point in 2014 and entitled ” the lack of leadership puts Europe in danger.”

The most striking analogies ? The “redesign” of the space Schengen claimed by Emmmanuel Macron resonates with what wrote Nicolas Sarkozy four years earlier : “It is obvious that it is necessary to immediately suspend Schengen I and replace it by a Schengen II of which member countries could join after having beforehand adopted the same immigration policy. “And Emmanuel Macron, in his tribune, detailing the common immigration policy :” All those who want to participate must fulfill the obligations of liability [strict control of borders] and solidarity [in the same asylum policy with the same rules of hospitality and refusal]. “The president of the Republic goes even further, evoking the” border police “, like an echo, the horse of battle of the election campaigns of Nicolas Sarkozy. “We cannot continue to refuse to face it calmly, confidently, the question of the european migration policy “, wrote the last president of the French right. Emmanuel Macron, by its concrete proposals, him gear.

criticism of Sarkozy with Macron

Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 that called for a “new renaissance” in Europe, claiming even a ” policy of civilization “, Emmanuel Macron will submit a ” european Council of internal security “, because he believes, ” in the face of migration, a Europe that protects both its values and its borders “. The president intends to pursue a reinvention of political and cultural forms ” of our civilization in a world that is becoming “. In 2014, his predecessor wrote : “I affirm that we can be generous and upset by the events of Lampedusa, and in the same time lucid enough to not accept a lack of control of our migration policy, which leads us straight to the disaster. “The common points between the two forums published at intervals of five years to justify that the former president has taken note with care of the address of its successor. Sarkozy does not say anything publicly, but he cannot deny not the relationship between their texts.

But there is a difference cardinal between the two visions : that of the evils that Europe. Emmanuel Macron, on the one hand, erects the Brexit as a symbol of the crisis of Europe. And he accuses “the exploiters of wrath” to ” lead to the nationalist reaction “. “The trap is not belonging to the european Union, written Macron. What are the lies and irresponsibility that can destroy it. “When he installs the nationalism as a dead end, Nicolas Sarkozy prefers to denounce” the cleavage absurd “between progressives and conservatives :” there are still misinterpretations and errors that have been committed by those who make of Europe a new ideology, and who would like to have the intelligent of a side – understand the Europeans – and the populist narrow-minded of the other – understand the separatists. “But at the time of Emmanuel Macron aspires to subtract the proeuropéens of the EPP to better isolate the separatists, how could it be otherwise ?

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