04.09.2022, Österreich, Wien: Eine Person zeigt mit einem Stift auf die letzte bekannte Position der Cessna mit der Kennung OE-FGR. Ein in Österreich registrierter Privatjet ist am Sonntag (04.09.2022) mit vier Menschen an Bord über der Ostsee vor der Küste Lettlands abgestürzt. Die Cessna mit der Kennung OE-FGR, die auf ein deutsches Unternehmen zugelassen sein soll, war eigentlich auf dem Weg von Jerez in Spanien nach Köln. Foto: Helmut Fohringer/APA/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After the crash of a small plane over the Baltic Sea, many questions remain unanswered. The private plane had flown over the Baltic Sea on the way from Spain to Cologne and crashed into the sea off the coast of Latvia. The Air Force confirmed the plane’s crash on Twitter on Sunday evening. Previously, all contact with the plane was broken off. According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, a pilot, a man, a woman and her daughter were on board.

The newspaper “El País” reported, citing Spanish sources familiar with the incident, from a German family who are said to have heard the machine – an elderly man, his wife, a daughter of the couple and a man her age. According to information from the Austrian news agency APA, the jet was registered in Austria and licensed to a German company.

According to initial findings, the pilot may have lost consciousness. Aviation safety expert Hans Kjäll told Swedish news agency TT pressure problems could have caused passengers to lose consciousness. This can happen quickly, especially at altitudes where small aircraft are used.

The coastguard discovered traces of oil on the water and smaller pieces of debris, said Johan Ahlin from the Swedish maritime rescue agency, according to the Swedish broadcaster STV. There is probably no hope for the occupants of the plane.

The “Bild” newspaper reported that the machine reported pressure problems in the cabin after taking off from Jerez in southern Spain. Accordingly, contact with the ground broke off just behind the Iberian Peninsula. In the airspace over France, a unit from the French army initially took over before being replaced by the Bundeswehr.

As a spokesman for the Air Force confirmed to the German Press Agency on Sunday evening, alarm squads consisting of two Eurofighters rose in German airspace to get an idea of ​​the unusual flight behavior. According to media reports, a group from Neuburg an der Donau and later from Rostock-Laage rose first.

As reported by the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, when the Cessna 551 aircraft flew over the island of Rügen, it entered Swedish airspace, where it flew south of Gotland and further towards the Gulf of Riga and then crashed into the sea .

An official told the Latvian news agency Leta that the rescue operation is currently in full swing. Air Force forces also wanted to take part in the operation, for which a Stena Line passenger ferry was also diverted. The ferry should be ready for possible rescue operations.