New silk road – Italy closes Chinese Initiative in Italy wants to participate in the China – driven trade and infrastructure project of New silk road. A corresponding agreement was signed in Rome. © Photo: Andrew Medichini/AP/dpa

The Italian government has joined as the first member of the seven leading industrial Nations (G7) to the China – driven infrastructure and trade project “New silk road”. The corresponding contract was signed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Rome. In addition, companies of the two countries signed ten agreements. This involves both investments in the ports of Trieste and Genoa, as well as an agreement for the Export of Italian oranges.

China wants to invest in the infrastructure project is in the billions in ports, roads, Railways, telecommunications networks and airports in Dozens of countries. Thus, new economic and trade corridors to Europe, Africa, and Latin America, but also within Asia.

The new silk road, A billion-dollar project

Under the name of New silk route invested in China in the world hundreds of billions of dollars. Many foreign policy activities associated with the prestigious project – which makes the Numbers even more impressive appear.