Employment – number of unemployed continues to fall, The unemployment rate in Germany has fallen to the lowest figure, 4.8 per cent. Nearly 2.2 million people currently have no Job. © Photo: Reuters TV

The autumn upturn the number of unemployed in Germany in November to 2,186 million decrease. This is the lowest value since the beginning of the count by the Federal employment Agency (BA). The unemployment rate fell by 0.1 points to 4.8 percent. Compared to October the number of job seekers fell by 18,000, compared with the previous month, they decreased by of 182,000.

BA-in-chief Detlef Scheele said, not only the unemployment has dropped, the employment subject to social insurance have increased: 33,41 million people had, according to a projection by the BA, in Germany, a regular Job, 675.000 more than a year earlier.

in addition, the labour demand of companies moving forward “on a very high level,” said Scheele. In the case of the BA were reported in November about 807.000 Vacancies – 35,000 more than a year ago. For the people in Germany, the job opportunities are as good as rarely before. According to the job index of the Federal employment Agency (BA-X) is the demand for labour, for example in trade and in the construction particularly high. A little less labour than in the previous year would, however, for example in the transport and logistics company is looking for.

The labour market is benefiting from the good economic development in the country, say Economists – even if the economy has recently lost some momentum. The number of persons was employed, according to the latest data from the Federal Statistical office, in October, at 45,24 million – an increase of 37,000 compared to the previous month. In comparison to the previous year, there were 559.000 employed.