left As the British actress Emma Thompson a month ago, the production of the animated film “Luck”, it was first silent, and was known only through media reports. Now did the two-time Oscar winner in a public letter. In the Letter, which is addressed to the producers Skydance, she explains the background for their decision. The letter, among other things, the “Guardian” and the “Los Angeles Times published”.

Thus was already known that Thompson with the arrival of the former Pixar chief John Lasseter was in January as the new head of Skydance Animation dissatisfied. In your letter you goes in detail on why:

“for me It is very strange that you and your company consider to hire someone with Mr. Lasseter’s pattern of misconduct,” writes Thompson. “If a man touched for decades, inappropriate women, why would want to work for a woman then for him?”

What has been accused, Let it be

Lasseter resulted in several well-known animated films from Pixar and directed, including “Toy Story” and “Cars.” In addition, he produced every Pixar Film since monsters, Inc in 2001, including “finding Nemo”. For his work Lasseter was awarded twice with the Oscar. By the end of 2017, he announced that due to unspecified “missteps insert” a six-month break. His final exit at Disney was announced in June 2018.

Previously, the “Hollywood Reporter had quoted” a longtime Pixar employee, according to Lasseter for his “Grab, Kiss and his comments about body characteristics”. Female employees of the magazine “Variety reported”, Lasseter had to touch the reputation of women in the office are inappropriate to RUB your legs and kiss you on the mouth.

In their letter, Thompson concludes that Lasseter’s admission of “inappropriate Hug” and “other missteps” is not sufficient. She also writes about her Regret to the production to give up. The decision for the Alternative, however, would be irresponsible for someone in your Position.

“I am aware that the century will not change for a long claim on the female body (…) overnight. Or in a year”, – stated in the letter. But if people like you would not take this attitude, it is very unlikely that “things will change in the pace that is required in order to protect the Generation of my daughter”.

Activists Thompsons welcomed the action. Melissa Silverstein, founder and editor of the web site “Women and Hollywood”, tweeted: “This is more than an open letter – Thompson has pronounced a Hunt group. We hope that other Powerful and Privileged, with Thompson close together to abuse of power, and to comment on those that allow this harmful behavior.”