Of science, engineering and Planet, Experts at the Uk’s university of Warwick have an ‘electronic nose’ has been developed, which have to smell it or there’s bacteria in the breath of sick patients, of sitting. With this new tool, hope to the researchers, bacterial infections, correcterte be able to identify, and so the need for antibiotic usage be kept to a minimum.

the fight against the over-consumption of antibiotics, have a British scientist, electronic noses have been developed. These machines have germs in the respiratory tract of a patient to diagnose, which doctors will be able to beslissenof a course of antibiotics is needed or not. Antibiotics are only used in the bacteriëleinfecties, but due to wrong diagnoses are sometimes incorrectly specified.

According to the authors, the procedure is very simple: patients need to be in a machine has to blow up, similar to an alcohol screening involve the police. Later analyses of the “electronic nose” in the breath sample of the patient, and to identify the chemical substance. Then you give it to, or whether or not there are bacteria present. The machine in the event of infections of the respiratory tract, as well to determine if it is a simple cold or a serious flu.