the accelerated Expansion of renewable energies according to calculations by the network operator, a further two North-South high voltage lines is necessary. This is one of the new network development plan the network operator 50Hertz, Amprion, Tennet and TransnetBW. The two additional lines to transport especially wind power from Schleswig-Holstein via lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia to Baden-Württemberg. Recommendations for specific routes, the draft does not contain.

The cost of the additional network expansion amounted to around € 52 billion. According to a spokesperson for the network operator Tennet, with a total of about 20 billion euros more than in the past. The connection of the wind farms in the North sea and the Baltic sea could cost up to 2030 up to 24 billion euros.

the recommendations of The coal Commission were not taken into account in the draft, it said. However, the Commission’s proposal corresponds almost exactly to one of the network operators have developed scenarios for the expansion of the grid. Currently, three major North-South Connections in planning. You should be in 2025 finished. The construction cost of the land on the power charges on the electricity bills of consumers – a total of a quarter of the electricity network-cost fees.

The Federal network Agency has to review the plans now. “We will look at this very carefully,” announced the Vice-President of the authority, Peter Franke, at an energy conference in Essen, Germany. So going to evaluated about whether existing tracks can be used sufficiently. In the past, the Federal network Agency had reduced the cost estimates of the operators in some cases by up to a third. Due to the expansion of the grid the goal of the Federal government were to be secured, to increase the share of renewable energies in electricity generation by 2030, from 40 to 65 percent.

greens want more transparency in grid expansion

The Green requested the power development plan, more transparency in grid expansion. Only if citizens “have a real influence on the design of the routes on your doorstep, we can make the network expansion pace”, said the Green-energy politician Ingrid Nestle. In the past, there was always resistance from local Residents, farmers and environmentalists against the construction of new power lines.

The German Association of energy and water industries (BDEW) welcomed the Plan. He highlights the need for a rapid network expansion. It was perfectly clear that the targets in the green electricity required for additional network expansion. The policy must promote, therefore, with all the force for the acceptance of the construction work, called for BDEW-managing Director Stefan Kapferer.

The Deutsche umwelthilfe (DUH) said that with the draft now clarity about the necessary renovation of the electricity networks to a coal exit. “The Federal government, the Länder and the transmission system operators must now join forces to accelerate network expansion”, said the Executive Director Sascha Müller-Kraenner.

In the next time, you can now take the Public comments to the draft of the network operators. The deadline ends at 4. March 2019. The comments will then be incorporated in the second draft of the Plan, which is then passed to the Federal network Agency for review.