CDU leader Friedrich Merz has called for the ban on combustion engines to be withdrawn in Saarland. And reveal what he believes he has in common with Economics Minister Robert Habeck.

The CDU federal chairman Friedrich Merz wants to overturn the ban on new cars with combustion engines that will apply from 2035. “This ban on combustion engines must be reversed because we don’t know today what kind of mobility can really be developed in an environmentally neutral and climate-friendly way in the future,” said Merz on Wednesday evening at a CDU election campaign event in Saarlouis.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) studied philosophy and is a children’s book author, and he himself is a lawyer. “What we both have in common is that we both know nothing about technology. He doesn’t and neither do I.” Merz added: “And that’s why we shouldn’t presume to decide politically today which technologies will be the right technologies in 10, 15 or 20 years so that we maintain our prosperity and thus the climate protect appropriately.”

Rather, politics must create the framework conditions so that companies, engineers and research institutions – “the people who can do it” – can make the right decisions about products and technologies so that they can then be successful in economic policy. “The quickest way to make this country climate neutral is to shut everything down. Then we will be climate neutral tomorrow. But who seriously wants that?” he said in front of around 600 party friends.