meat from animals slaughtered without prior stunning, must not be with the EU-Bio-label. The European court of justice (ECJ) ruled. The aim of the labelling is to maintain the confidence of consumers in ecological and organic products: you should be able to be sure that the meat has been produced with the highest animal welfare standards, stated the judges in Luxembourg. The ritual method of slaughter does not meet these standards of Animal welfare. The practice is allowed in the EU, the freedom of religion.

In France, had sued an animal protection organization, however, is that halal-labelled hack steaks advertised may be that they come from “certified organic agriculture”. The French administrative court had referred the case to Luxembourg to the ECJ for advice in the interpretation of EU law requested.

The Luxembourg judges found that in the relevant EU regulations several times to be noted that in the case of organic Meat, the animal games is probably a Central role. Scientific studies have shown that the anesthesia was the technique, the affected animal welfare at the time of slaughter at the least. It leads the animal loss of consciousness and insensibility, would reduce the pain, Stress or Suffering greatly. The religious rites prescribed method of slaughter without stunning does not meet these criteria.