Showbiz Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey has been recognised, and we welcome soon to be for quite a while, not just the aristocracy. Two of the ‘regular’ fans of the British series, will get the chance to use Airbnb exclusively for one night in the famous castle of the night.

The special offer is in honor of the premiere of the film ‘Downton Abbey’. Fans can register from the 1st of October to sign, on november 26th, two lucky winners will get their seat in one of the large rooms and suite with private bathroom and a view over the park.

The visitors are to be provided by the staff of the earl and countess of Carnarvon, the owners of the palace, the pampered, like a real guest at Highclere Castle, it was fitting. They will get a full dinner in the dining room, allowed to have coffee in the library and get a private tour of the grounds.

There are, however, some limitations to the action. This way, the guests will be strictly a one butler per person is assigned, make sure that no pets are allowed (because there are nine friendly dogs on the premises) and the need to speak out, be limited to the ground floor of the castle, where the series of staff work.