In bruges, Along the boudewijn canal, at the level of the Lisseweegse Road in Zwankendamme in Bruges, it’s Monday morning, a member of the crew of a cargo vessel out of the water. The man, a 65-year-old from Antwerp, belgium, jogged into the water and was in danger, discharged. A second member of the crew, a 63-year-old Dutchman, was still alive, and was dead in the water. “ The circumstances are being investigated”, says the public prosecutor’s office in Bruges will know.

It was the captain of the vessel Movement, which was around 6: 30 and had noticed that there were two crew members on board were. When he started looking, he found one of his men in the cold of the water between the shore and the ship. The emergency services were flocking to the scene and divers were able to the victim relatively quickly out of the channel to pick it up. Francois, B., a 65-year-old man from bulgaria, was used for on-site only, and is in a critical condition, was transferred to the hospital. There is fighting still to live. The condition would be of concern. His companion, a 63-year-old Dutch national, was initially reported missing. The fire brigade is seeking to be the second member of the crew, with a sonarboot, and the victim is ultimately found in the water. For him, it couldn’t be help to help. He died at the scene.