At the beginning of the week, there was a fire in the Hufeisensiedlung for the 19th time since October 2021: Garbage containers on Onkel-Bräsig-Straße were again set on fire by an unknown person. In the case of the car that burned down on Gielower Straße on the night of May 22, the police state security is now looking for witnesses to the crime.

The fires were also a topic in the BVV last Wednesday. The decree unanimously passed a motion by the FDP (joining the SPD) calling for increased police patrols at night to clear up the fires.

“Flaming garbage dumps and bus stops can also pose a significant risk to residents. In order to deter potential arsonists, increase the sense of security in the settlement and possibly catch someone in flagrante delicto, it makes sense for the police to intensify patrols on the Hufeisensiedlung.

Since October 2021 there have been a total of 19 arson attacks in and around the Hufeisensiedlung, with an attack on a car on Gielower Straße on May 22 attracting the most attention. This is the result of police figures available to the Tagesspiegel. In three other cases, cars burned.

Otherwise, the attacks mainly hit containers, rubbish bins and bus stops. At the same time, 25 right-wing crimes were registered in Britz in the same period. These include swastikas smeared on house walls, anti-Semitic and racist threats, hate speech and insulting emails to residents.

For many residents who have been suffering from right-wing terror for years, the two are connected. The start of the investigative committee, which is to examine the right-wing extremist series of attacks in the district, has now been postponed to June 16.