Gent has fired the director of the Ghent-based Stadsontwikkelingsbedrijf has signed a deal with the city. He has no legal steps to take action against SoGent, and (former)representatives in exchange for a portion of their salary, and the retention of his company car. The total sum is done according to some people of up to eur 200 000. This is clear from the documents that the editor was able to refer to it.

Didier Nachtergaele, it was in conjunction with a co-director of the doors of the town, after the allegations about tampering with the tendering of construction projects. The two officers were the years in a quarrel, and then Nachtergaele reported that some developers are favoured by intervening in the proceedings, both as himself, as his colleague lay-offs.

Redundancy has challenged

Nachtergaele, it has always been the innocence of uitgeschreeuwd, and his resignation was challenged. He stepped up even to the labour court for a fine to the requirements of each and every day, he was not allowed to work. That’s where he was, whether at trial in first instance and on appeal – are wrong. There were also other procedures, such as the Council of State.

In the past, there has been a lot of confusion of whether or not a settlement was entered into between the city and Nachtergaele for the financial and the legal battle to stop it. In the city, said that this is indeed the case, Nachtergaele, the complete opposite. At the end of may, it was the last settlement is accepted and there is an extra extension added to it. This will be Nachtergaele as a part of his wages may be retained up to the day that he was going to retire in August 2023. It may also be a BMW, keep.

Sami Souguir, confirms the settlement. “There were a lot of legal issues that were and are still many years and were able to take. This settlement was unanimously approved by the audit committee of the SoGent, that is, the human resources department is attracting.”


the LABOUR party is on the social media about the whole situation. There was also a prompt for a question submitted to it, and the deal will still be discussed in detail at the town hall. “There are a lot of community-based organisations that have to make money begging, and it gives the city such a person, and each and every month, a large amount of money with a free BMW on top of it. That is, the people will laugh at you. Nachtergaele know, of course, which seem to be in the slot for the reception. For us, this is zwijggeld,” Tom said to The Teacher. A painful detail is that the agreement was signed by the Board of Directors of the SoGent is approved by all parties, but as the representative of the LABOUR party, just a family it was.

The amount of the new settlement, according to some, can cost up to € 200,000, on top of the previous settlement, which has already accounted for a similar amount of money. However, with this deal, you can SoGent now have a clean slate to begin again, and at last, after a year and a half, a new managing director designate.