The U.S. securities and exchange Commission SEC assumes that the Volkswagen group has failed in the diesel scandal against the American securities laws. The authority has filed suit against VW. Subsidiaries of the group are supposed to have violated in the case of the issuance of bonds and other collateralised securities against information rules. VW announced that it would “vigorously” defend. The claim of “substantial legal and substantive shortcomings”. It is in connection with the in September 2015 in the US, the failed Software Manipulation of exhaust-gas tests.

“Volkswagen has already been closed over two years ago, billions of the settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of justice, almost all U.S. States, and nearly 600,000 of consumers in the United States,” said a VW spokesman. “Not only is the SEC now, once again zusatteln.” VW had paid more than $ 23 billion, to the legal disputes. For comparison with the Ministry of justice is also an admission of guilt of the group counted against US laws.

Volkswagen sees – in addition to complaints from car buyers – a number of investors to complain, especially in the capital investor sample proceedings of the shareholders before the higher regional court of Braunschweig. According to their own statements, these suits could cost VW around 9.6 billion euros. Volkswagen has always denied to have against information obligations breached. Some claim that the US investors had agreed to the group already on a comparison.

In the annual report had VW announced on Tuesday that the U.S. securities and exchange Commission had informed the group in January 2017, that you have around initiated to the issuance of bonds and asset – backed securities (so-called ABS-asset-backed securities) open a formal investigation.