Daimler is taken in the diesel scandal again by the authorities to target. The force travel Federal office (KBA) has discovered a improper Software, and a formal hearing proceedings against the car manufacturer. It is the suspicion of a more “invalid switch-off device”. 60,000 vehicles from model GLK 220 CDI with the exhaust emission standard 5, which were produced between 2012 and 2015, would be affected and, therefore, it is in a report by the Bild am Sonntag.

The authority had already met in the fall of 2018, the controversial software function in the case of the four-cylinder diesel engine OM 651. Further emission measurements in a model GLK-drive would have corroborated the suspicion, reported the newspaper now. The legal limit for nitrogen will be adhered to oxides in the New European test cycle only if the so-called coolant-setpoint-temperature control is active. In Road mode, the function will be disabled, however, and the Euro 5 limit of 180 milligrams of nitrogen oxide per kilometre, significantly exceeded. A Daimler spokesman confirmed the consultation process: “We cooperate fully with the force travel Federal office and check the described facts of the case.”

commits The KBA has Daimler to call several times already official. In June 2018, Daimler of Germany had to call back 238.000 vehicles due to improper shutdown of facilities for exhaust gas cleaning. Overall, of the action in Europe 774.000 vehicles were affected. Daimler initiated the recalls, has lodged an appeal against all decisions. It was in June, in addition to the previously recalled Mercedes Vito small van to C-class models and the all-terrain vehicles GLC.

The KBA should have found the image on Sunday, according to now that the now discovered function in the case of Software Updates, was removed from Daimler unnoticed. Whether and why this had happened, did not want to answer a Daimler spokesman for legal reasons. “The claim that we want to hide with the volunteers of Service-measure something that is incorrect,” said the spokesman. To the question, what is the responsibility of Ola Källenius have as acting Board member for development for the Situation, he said: “Mr. Källenius is personally free no Software Updates.” Ola Källenius to Zetsche in may, the successor of Daimler CEO Dieter who gives up his Post.

Into the roles of the diesel scandal, came by the confession of Volkswagen, in the world in about eleven million diesel cars of different brands an illegal Software for the Manipulation of the exhaust-gas values built-in. The fraud was announced in September 2015. Since then, the car builders came more and more into the visor. Are affected in addition to VW, the group subsidiaries Audi, Škoda and Porsche. Allegations of manipulation are there except against Daimler also against BMW and Opel.