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Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to save, among other things, the Budget for development cooperation. To stagnate in the year 2020, although the Federal government had committed to in the coalition agreement to increase the funds, in spite of the protest of German development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU), and development organizations.

In your compass to the reality of German development policy, which will be published this Thursday, practice Welthungerhilfe and terre des hommes also more fundamental criticism. Mathias Mogge, General Secretary of the world hunger aid, writes: The official development assistance focus on security and migration policy problems, and to lose about the poverty and hunger from the point of view.

Zeit ONLINE: Mr Mogge, where does the main share of Germany’s development budget?

We see the increasing fusion of development, migration and security policy critical.

Mathias Mogge: Paradoxically, flows of money, especially in less poor countries. Data from 2017 to show that India received the most: the equivalent of US $ 1.2 billion. Syria followed with $ 880 million, then China, Turkey, and Iraq. Only on rank six of a country from the group of the poorest Least Developed Countries (LDCs) with Afghanistan. It received $ 480 million from Germany. Then Morocco, Indonesia, Jordan and Mexico – all followed, not LDCs.

i.e.: state development money flows from Germany especially where there is conflict or refugees must be supplied. Or in the emerging countries, because the public funds can help to mobilise private investment. For example, in the Form of guarantees to enable loans at lower interest rates.

TIME ONLINE: their data are from the year 2017. How meaningful are you today?

Mogge: That the largest part of our state’s development budget, in conflict, crisis or emerging countries, is already since years. Even after 2017, it has changed little.

TIME ONLINE: Request that the Federal government deducts a portion of the development budget from areas of conflict and, instead, in the poorest countries send?

Mogge: no, particularly in conflict-affected countries, our help is needed. We see the increasing fusion of development, migration and security policy critical. Development cooperation should first of all fight against Hunger and poverty and on the needs in the affected countries.

Zeit ONLINE: But the public funds are limited.

Mogge: It would help if the Federal government would fulfill its own promise. Germany has committed to increase the development budget for the poorest countries as quickly as possible, to 0.15 percent of German economic output. That’s the equivalent of five billion euros. Germany but only € 3.6 billion to the LDCs. By 2030 the ratio is expected to grow to 0.2 percent. Because you could do more.

TIME ONLINE: from Which you conclude that the interaction between development and other policy fields is on the increase?

development Minister Müller said that his Budget should not decrease, because otherwise would be triggered in Africa new escape movements.

Mogge: First, from the distribution of funds – not only to the main recipient countries, but quite generally. We have looked at, what are the ten Least Developed Countries receive most of the money from Germany. It, like Afghanistan, especially in conflict countries. In Mali, moreover, the Bundeswehr is stationed. It operations is part of the calculus from abroad, that Germany will be there, where the German armed forces, also as a development partner. Therefore, funds flow there.

TIME ONLINE: In conflict-building areas to provide aid initially does not sound sensible.

Mogge: But you forget countries where there is no open conflict, where the situation is still very fragile. In Liberia, for example, or Sierra Leone, or Sudan. It is not so long ago, there prevailed wars there is violent citizens. It would be an important contribution to conflict prevention to become involved.

TIME ONLINE: money flows to where conflicts prevail. What is close to a growing interdependence of design with other fields of policy?

Mogge: The government itself establishes the connection officially. Development Minister Müller said that his Budget should not decrease, because otherwise would be triggered in Africa new escape movements. In government documents on cooperation with Africa, is expressly called the limit of the Migration as the target. And the EU development Fund for Africa, whose largest donor is Germany, allocates its funds only to countries that meet in the migration policy, certain conditions, such Deportees back, or the exchange of data agree.

TIME ONLINE: it Is not clear if Germany and the EU want to combat the reasons for Flight in their own interest, in the development of policy?