The Deutsche Post has moved to its next price increase, according to a report in the summer. Then the postage is set to rise more than previously announced, reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. So far, the Post planned to increase their prices in April.

The newspaper is relying on a draft Amendment to the Post-tariff regulation regulation of the Ministry of economy. The Ministry to admit the Post a higher return on sales. This will be necessary because of the declining Letter volumes and rising costs of the obligation would be in conflict with the need to letters nationwide each working day. “The current practice represents the efficiency of the pressure under which the regulated companies, is not sufficiently adequate,” therefore, in the design.

The Federal network Agency confirmed that the Federal government is planning a new postage regulation. It was informed and check short-term Changes in the current procedures. Originally, the Federal network Agency, the Post office had granted their prices by up to 4.8 percent raise. In the industry it was expected, therefore, with a postage of 80 cents for a standard letter. The new requirements of the Ministry of economy, the network Agency of the Post should give a bigger game room: Now 85 to 90 cents in the conversation.

The last Time the Post office increased the postage in 2016. At that time the postage for a standard letter rose from 62 to 70 cents. Also, the new prices would be expected to be valid for three years.