The mail with the Post office will probably soon be more expensive. The Federal network Agency has announced the scope for the increase of letter postage, the German Post office. 10.6 percent of the room should rise, informed the Federal network Agency. Among other things, the Post – 2018, the announced restructuring and efficiency-enhancement measures had been taken into account. The total amount of all individual items of the different letter types may increase the price accordingly.

The postage for a standard letter but it could rise even more – according to industry sources, an increase to up to 90 cents is possible, currently there are 70 cents. The postage for other types – Maxi-letter, compact letter, or postcard – is not, or hardly, its price would increase then even. In may, the network Agency will make a final decision. After that, the German Post will determine new prices, which is expected from 1. July will apply.

More complaints about delayed delivery of,

In the past years, had complained, more and more people with the Federal network Agency about quality deficiencies in the postal service, for example, due to late delivery. Authorities chief Jochen Homann warned the group: “It is also in the interest of the Post, to ensure improvements in the quality of the delivery.” He pointed out that the Post wool setting new deliverer. “The announcements of the Post we will monitor.”

argues The Post, the postage increase was overdue, as fewer and fewer letters would be sent and instead, digital communication. In addition, their personnel and other fixed costs remained the same, you also have legal obligations for fast national delivery. The Post also points out that a private household in Germany to spend a month at 2.34 euros for letter services – the impact of a postage increase for consumers to be so limited.

letter business more profitable

Although the amount of letters per year has been shrinking for a Long time by two to three percent, is the business still profitable – because of the of the Federal network Agency every three years and approved the increase. The last increase was in 2016, then a standard letter rose from 62 to 70 cents.

in January, the Federal network Agency had proposed a first “scope for price increase”, at the time, there were only 4.8 percent. That was the Post too little, you threatened indirectly with job losses. The Federal Ministry of economy brought a Change in the underlying regulation; the network Agency presented new calculations and determined a higher value for the postage.

The Left-member of Parliament Pascal Meiser spoke of “rip off of private customers”. The Federal government changed the regulation and the Post have rolled out the red carpet, was surpassed in audacity. The FDP criticized the step. “The Federal government in the Post prior to the gold cart, and it helps to win the big group so Billion,” criticised the economic policy spokesman of the FDP group in the Bundestag, Reinhard Houben, sitting as master in the Advisory Board of the Federal network Agency.

FDP: Federal earned at Porto increase with

The FDP calls for a Long time that the Federal government sold its share of 20.5 per cent in the Post. Houben pointed out that the Federal government is profiting by this postage increase as a major shareholder, indirectly – this is a conflict of interest. In the SPD, the plans are on understanding. “The postage increase at the Deutsche Post is for consumers, not pleasant, but necessary,” said the economic policy spokesman of the parliamentary group in the Bundestag, and Bernd Westphal.

postage increase had triggered in the past few months, even with the competition, criticism, parcel delivery services such as DPD and Hermes has criticised the fact that the Post could subsidize by the government-allowed, higher letter income for your package, services, landscape and as a result, the competition in this field will be distorted.