The Deutsche Post has an important hurdle for the production of their electric car streetscooter delivery taken in large quantities. The Federal motor transport authority had issued the necessary type approval for large-scale production, according to the Post. Thus, the registration of the vehicles in the case of orders of large piece numbers is easily possible.

The type approval confirms, therefore, that strict production standards to be met by quantities of many Thousands of vehicles. The authorisation permit for a large series also refers to the EU countries, including Switzerland and Norway.

The Streetscooter Work is fleet, the entry-level model of the Streetscooter. The larger Work XL, the Post subsidiary, Streetscooter GmbH is building together with car manufacturer Ford in its Cologne-based factory, has the large-scale approval already. Overall, the street scooter GmbH has a production capacity of up to 20,000 vehicles in a year.