ARCHIV - 02.07.2022, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Stralsund: Fahrgäste warten im Bahnhof auf eine Regionalbahn. (zu dpa «Deutsche Bahn modernisiert Bahnhöfe in MV») Foto: Stefan Sauer/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Due to the current heat wave, Deutsche Bahn introduced a special regulation this week. As the company announced at the beginning of the week, there may be restrictions on rail traffic until tomorrow, Thursday.

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All passengers with tickets from July 19th and 20th can use them until July 27th without being tied to a specific train. Even travelers with tickets for local transport can then use the long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn flexibly.

The so-called city tickets of the train, however, do not remain valid. The journeys included in the ticket for local public transport in the respective start or destination city must therefore be booked for a fee if the ticket is used flexibly.

Seat reservations, on the other hand, can also be exchanged free of charge at Deutsche Bahn travel centers.

Since the extreme heat can lead to train cancellations and delays, statutory passenger rights also apply. Compensation can be requested using the appropriate forms, which are available online and at the travel center. If a passenger completely withdraws from their trip, they will be reimbursed the full fare.