There will be no Deutsche Bahn summer ticket this year. A DB spokesman told the Tagesspiegel when asked.

The summer ticket is an offer from Deutsche Bahn for everyone up to and including the age of 26. Last year, under-18s paid 70 euros, everyone between 18 and 26 years 90 euros and could book four ICE journeys nationwide. Converted, a ride cost 17.50 euros or 22.50 euros. The trips could be booked up to 48 hours before departure in the period from July to the end of September.

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According to Deutsche Bahn, the 9-euro ticket has no influence on the summer ticket decision. “This is an offer for local transport, while the summer ticket was a long-distance offer,” said a spokeswoman for the railways in the Tagesspiegel.

Instead, the railway refers to the “Super Sparpreis Young” offer when making the decision. For those under 27, ICE journeys can be booked on some routes from EUR 12.90. “We now have a very cheap, permanently available offer for young travelers,” said a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn. In addition, the saver price campaign for all age groups is currently available again, also from 12.90 euros.

Some young train drivers are not satisfied with that. On Twitter there is this reaction from a user:

It is not known whether the sales figures for the summer ticket last year also played a role in the decision. “For reasons of competition”, the railway does not want to comment on how many tickets were sold.

The summer ticket was offered for the first time in 2016. The railways cannot yet say whether it will be sold again next year or at least there will be a comparable offer.