Deutsche Bahn has awarded to the Spanish manufacturer Talgo to a major contract: The company should provide for approximately 550 million euros, a minimum of 23 of the Euro-city trains to the railway, announced that the Spanish company. The contract volume comprises up to 100 trains.

the first of The new ECs should be taken according to Deutsche Bahn starting in 2023. Used to said to be on long-distance routes that are not served by ICE trains between Berlin and Amsterdam, Cologne and Westerland as well as between Hamburg and Oberstdorf, a railway spokeswoman. The Talgo trains will reach a speed of up to 230 kilometres per hour.

Talgo has recently received some large orders: For the Spanish railway operators Renfe, the company will build at least 15 high-speed trains. In addition, Talgo is part of the consortium that built the new rail link between the saudi Arabian pilgrimage cities of Mecca and Medina.

railway passenger transport Board of management Berthold Huber had already announced that his group will buy 23 new Euro-city trains. This year also, 15 new ICE 4, and ten double-deck intercity (IC 2) are in operation. In addition, to be overtaken in the next few years including 58 older ICE 1 and 65 ICE 3 General.

day-to-day business of your own group is the Federal government because of delays and service deficiencies in many long-distance trains in the criticism. The Federal government also demands that the train gets to the problem as quickly as possible in the handle.