Showbiz In the weekly TV Familiekon you have already read about the lives of the Band a Few (24) in a dramatic turn of events had been observed. He didn’t see any in the future, after his ex-fiancée Samra had jumped off. He took an overdose of sleeping pills and ended up in a coma.The hospital was then sent to the mental institutions. Because the doctor had hemgedwongen to record, it tells a Few. “I’m not here to be at the right place. I just want to get home,” he said. And now he is back at home. However, when his parents, who now have to take care of him.

“it’s such a relief,” says he says in the magazine. “That shot was, in fact, completely useless. To therapeutic sessions, I’ve barely had any. I felt at home, not at my place. To be honest, I was a fool. That is the meaning of the mental health, right? (ha-ha) I wanted it so much to be back home again. And now that I’m living for a while with my parents.”

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this is where he was well taken care of.“I have to say to them, at the moment I have a lot of. They are doing their very best for me. For me to lift, and so on. It is also necessary. Because I think very often of that terrible day, when I’m not at all sitting Well with my sister, who is disabled, has been so kind to her little brother. She came up to me with a teddy bear, so cute.I am, however, still be taken care of here at home. At home work that calls to be better than it is in psychiatry. Because I’m a lot better now. However, it is still sensitive to what happened here.”