The Style You have, there’s nothing to them, but they are very, very cute. Ever since the Paris-based brand, Jacquemus Mini-Le Chiquito-introduced on the catwalk, the microhandtas one, but yes, the trend has become. OokLouis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Chloe, Furla, Burberry and Acne Studios came out with the bags, which are often not much more than a lipstick, or a tampon inside.

it used to be a very, very big, it had to have been in vogue, such as the hip, but the big day but and its a big bomberjackets and hoodies, it seems to be everything, just a size 10 tight. Especially accessories like sunglasses, jewelry and therefore handbags.

The well-publicized miniversie Le Chiquito-bag of Jacquemus turned the key, others to the labels soon followed suit and all of a sudden give up of fashion’s having fun with their hard-earned money on hand bags which usually do not even have their phone service.

Fortunately, the “Double Bagging” is one of the most important trends of the season, and wear it as a microtas on top of a larger one. That’s the concept we saw among others, appear on the stage of the Off-White, Givenchy, Miu Miu, and Fendi. This allows you to keep up with the fashion, and yet it is still more than one cent, or M&M’s meezeulen.

all The best minitassen of the time.