(Mexico City) Five people have been arrested in the investigation into the fire that killed 39 migrants in Ciudad Juárez in northern Mexico, on the border with the United States, the prosecution said Thursday.

“We have already executed five” arrest warrants in the investigation into the tragedy that occurred overnight from Monday to Tuesday, said at a press conference the prosecutor specializing in human rights, Sara Irene Herrerias.

The five people “have already been made available to the judge”, she added.

In total, the judge issued six arrest warrants against three officials of the National Institute of Migration (INM), two private security agents, and a migrant suspected of having started the fire, she detailed.

The prosecutor did not specify who were among those arrested.

The authorities gave for the first time the detail of the victims by nationality: Guatemala (18), El Salvador (7), Venezuela (7), Honduras (6) and Colombia (1).

There are five nationals from El Salvador among the injured, 10 from Guatemala, eight Hondurans and five Venezuelans, said Security Secretary Rosa Icela Rodriguez. One of them has been released from the hospital.

The government is working on the issue of “helping families”, she said.

Taking into account an accusatory video, Mexican authorities announced on Wednesday the opening of a “homicide” investigation after the detention center fire.

Eight suspected perpetrators have been identified.