increased The average total compensation of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dax companies is 2018, compared to the previous year, by 3.9 percent. They thus reached the record value from 424.000 euros. The one in Frankfurt on Monday published analysis of the consulting company ICP.

the top earner was reported to be re-Deutsche-Bank-boss, overseer, Paul Achleitner, a good 858.000 Euro. On the squares of the BMW Supervisory Board Chairman Norbert Reithofer and Fresenius chief inspector Gerd Krick (640,000 euros), as well as Volkswagen’s Supervisory Board, handlebar, Hans Dieter Pötsch (584.500 Euro). At the end of the rank list Reinhard Pöllath of Beiersdorf (228.000 EUR).

Since the year 2006, the remuneration of the chief increased, overseer in the in German share index (Dax) listed companies by around 4.3 percent per year, how ICPS calculated. In spite of the increasing tasks of the remuneration of the Supervisory Board heads but is still significantly lower than those of the Chairman of the management Board of the controlled corporations. According to ICP Figures, the average compensation of the Dax-CEOs, who were the whole year in the office rose in 2018, up by 3.6 percent to 7.5 million euros. The difference is about five to ten times.

From the height of the eyes wide –

“A chair of the Supervisory Board is today, more than ever, with strategy monitoring and intensive Sparring for the Board connected”, ICPs-Manager, Nina Grochowitzki. No investment or other decision of a larger scale could today be without the involvement of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board made. “The remuneration for the office should be designed so as to be able to eye-to-eye encounter. We are miles away.”

The level of Remuneration for the Supervisory Board Chairman is also below the European average, is explained by ICP. This is, therefore, approximately 913.000 Euro. The highest remunerations are paid in Switzerland, where the Chairman of the Board, up to several million – but the function is there also a Vollzeitamt. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the international Bank group HSBC gets, therefore, is 1.7 million euros, and arrives in Europe in comparison to fifth place.

ICP evaluated for the analysis of the annual reports and the of 29 of the 30 Dax companies. The Linde group is missing; he has not published the corresponding documents for the previous fiscal year.